Weekend Warrior




It’s the end of the weekend. Sunday-un-fun-day.

Oh well, at least there is a pile of homework and articles that need putting together before Monday rolls around. I’ve spent the day working on psychology and project writing homework, all under the influence of a raspy voice and a pounding headache. Being sick is only part of a college student’s life. Living with 5 other people can do that to you.

I am now missing a fantastic birthday dinner for my editor-in-crime, Megan. All because of the nasty cold I am supporting.

After two days of going hard with my social life, which is non-existent during the week, I am down for the count. This is never a mind-set that I can keep. I am a journalist and need to be at my best at all times. A rough draft for a project I am working on is due tomorrow, so the plan… 1) Open a new word file 2) Be extremely sad for missing Megan’s birthday dinner 3) Grab a box of kleenex and a bowl of soup 4) Type what feels right.

Good luck to all the other college students supporting colds and a pile of homework!

Catch y’all later,

Alyssa B.

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