My Inspiration

It’s been a while, and I apologize. I plan on working to make my posts more daily, but considering my huge lack of time, that may not change right away.

WALL-E may not be recycling, but these blocks of trash look a lot like modern day recycling centers.

I actually discover myself finding rather interesting things to write about on this blog during my busy days. The plan: write about being a college age journalist. Topics that come up in class are so interesting and I find myself always wanting more information. Last week was a prime example. In my microeconomics class my professor showed us an article commenting on the economic side of recycling. It actually can cost more than it is saving… check it out!

This little teaching point that took a whole two minutes in class, inspired me to write an opinions piece for my school newspaper. I had a good time with it, and felt like exerting my math skills. That’s how confident I was feeling.

What real recycling looks like, after it's taken off your doorstep.

I hope that more of my articles as Opinions Editor for the Exponent come from other little tid bits that I pick up in class. It makes it a whole lot easier to appease my adviser and localize all of my articles to campus.

As of late, I have had a kazillion deadlines to meet, interviews to undertake and homework to finish. I honestly got the majority of it done sitting on my bed, wrapped in blankets and watching the extended version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. These movies will never get old and the quotes will never be any less inspiring to me. I got just as much done sitting here as I would have in the library.

This poster hangs in a frame, between the windows in my room. This way I get a daily dose of LOTR.

I amazingly focused better on my work when I am in the essence of Frodo and Sam’s adventure to Mordor to destroy the One Ring.I don’t know if this will last when I finish off the movies, but for now, I’m not complaining.

You can say it, I’m a nerd. Certified and proud. I love the soundtracks of the movies and listen to them when I can’t get some TV time. Here is one of my all time favorite tracks.

There are many things about me that are rather different, but they are what makes me, me. I hope that these little quirks and interests are what will make me become a better journalist.

I want to leave with this quote…

So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world Frodo, besides the will of evil. — Gandalf

Happy Nerding,

Alyssa B.

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