Day Three

Day Three.

Oh day three has been lovely. I had one little tiny break for dinner all day, but that’s okay I have still found a little time to Facebook and of course, blog! I was feeling good, then the immensity of my homework and project really hit me. I don’t want to admit that I felt very strung out for about an hour. To the rescue was my ever faithful, amazing friend and editor-in-crime Megan O’Connell. She sat down with me and helped me put my ideas onto paper. It really helped me focus and feel more creative about what I am trying to do with this project.

I am placed, as normal, at my desk in the Exponent office doing homework. Waiting for articles to be submitted for print gives me a little time to get some homework done. But tonight I'm juggling studying with the formation of an awesome project for the State Journal!

Luckily, I have been over productive the last couple of days and had my articles written for the Exponent on time, so now I have to get a little studying done for my mid terms. Every once in a while I find myself switching back to my project pages to quick add something or write down an idea for the design or articles. Now if I can just get one thing at a time completed, I feel that I will be able to manage the rest of the week.

“Journalism is the ability to meet the challenge of filling space.” — Rebecca West

I can definitely relate to this quote because up until a few hours ago, I didn’t feel like I would be able to fill any number of pages with content for my project.

I have a lot more to do, but the goal is to stay positive and just keep going. I mean this is what my life is going to consist of, why not get the practice I need now?

Thanks for continuing to read the Five Day Dash blog, it means a lot!

Alyssa B.

p.s. This video cheered me up because it is so strange but awesome! Enjoy!


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