Day Four

Day Four.

Well, here I am, rushing to get things done. Naturally, I still have about half of the project to do. I mean, I’ll be brutally honest, this is a very difficult thing for me to do. Balancing the looming abnormal psychology test that I have to take tomorrow along with finishing up this little baby of mine, it’s going to keep me up all night. I have never pulled an all-nighter before, and I think tonight is going to by my induction to that practice.

I know I can do this, it is just the fact of mind over matter. I cannot sit and think about what my friends are doing, what I could be doing or any other activity that doesn’t involve me sitting, alone, in this office. This will help me grow. What better way to set your priorities than to absolutely force yourself? The thing is, I haven’t been putting this project off, I’ve been putting my studying off. Not this week, but previous weeks when I told myself, “Oh, I have a whole month before that test, I’ll study later.” Excuses never get anyone anywhere.

This little guy, chilling out on top of my computer, is Danky. He was purchased by the Exponent Photo Editor, Matt. He generally sits on the shelf in front of me, but tonight he is intimidating me to get my work done!

For the Journal project I have two articles fully written and edited, my layouts complete and my briefs have been chosen. I yet need to create a few ads, write two more articles and add some pictures. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s going to take a little time.

“The lifestyle that an artist can have, the freedom to wander in the landscape with no real pressure or deadlines, was a very attractive one.” — John Dyer

I feel that in my own way I am an artist and I can wander the landscape, but it would be at the mercy of my pending deadlines. This one is no different, except my landscape wandering was in between this building and my home for the last week.

I hope everyone is looking forward to my last post tomorrow, because that will mean that I have sent off the finished product. I’ll let ya’ll know what’s going on!

Thanks for continuing to read!

-Alyssa B.


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