The Plan

Hello friends:

As fate would have it, I did not land the summer internship at the Wisconsin State Journal. This has been a great learning experience in which I will take home a lot of new lessons. I also plan on applying for the position again next year.

Since I have not been given any internships yet, I am committed to working on my family farm this summer with my Dad and dog. I am very excited to spend this time with my Dad and Mom for probably the last summer ever at home. I love the farm, and I plan on learning a lot more about the industry my family is so invested into so that I can be a good agricultural journalist in the future.

I am trying to establish an internship at one of the two local weekly newspapers at home, and hopefully I can fulfill this graduation requirement.  Wish me luck!

My Plan for the summer has many components, and all of my readers get the opportunity to follow along!

The Plan

1. Blog every day about Life on the Farm. You will learn what we are doing, how we are doing it and learn more about a small dairy farm in Northern Wisconsin.

2. Create an awesome online portfolio of all of my published journalist works from the past two years.

3. Work on brainstorming new ideas for my position as Student Life editor on my school newspaper, the Exponent.

4. Make a project worthy of getting me a job that I can send with my resume and job applications.

5. Keep in shape by playing with my dog, milking cows and playing soccer.

6. Read and write every day.

This is going to be epic, awesome and a fantastic summer! I hope you all can find something interesting in my posts!

Talk to you soon,

 Alyssa B.


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