The Milkman, Trilliums and a Garden

Aloha from Gleason:
Today I got caught up in farming. Everything I did was pure American. Milking cows is work, but when someone is away from something that is normal to them, it hardly feels like work. I felt like I was at home. I miss this stuff way to much when I’m at school.

The milk truck.

The milkman was here today, as he is every other day. I thought I would take the time and let everyone know this right away. This way, when something epic with the milkman happens, you will all know what I’m talking about! Our milkman’s name is Pat and he delivers our milk to Mullins Cheese, Inc. (Here is their website, if you want to learn more or order cheese! When the milkman comes, he measures how many gallons of milk are in our bulk tank, and then pumps the milk into the truck. These guys work on holidays, so give them a break when driving on the highway.

After toting even more fertilizer around, Dad went to plant five more acres of corn, Nathan (my brother) was discing on one of our other fields so that it would be ready for planting tomorrow. Discing is when farmers break up the earth after plowing so that the soil is airy and broken to ensure proper planting conditions.

While they were working in their respective fields, I went 4-wheeling. Wouldn’t you know it, I found some Trilliums! Trilliums are Wisconsin’s state flower and it is against the law to pick them. There were about five or six on my path, but they are still there. No law breaking for this girl.

The beautiful and untouchable Trillium.

The last American thing I did today, not including evening chores, was Nathan and I dug up our garden. We used a hoe and our hands. It was pretty awesome. It will be all ready for planting as soon as we buy some seeds!

That is all for today!

Alyssa B.


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