A Sunday Drive

Today being Sunday, the Bloechl’s finished up chores and made our way to weekly mass at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. We had the opportunity to celebrate my Mom’s birthday today as well! (I won’t say how “young” she is because she would be rather upset.) We went to the Texas Roadhouse where Mom did ride the saddle, as Roadhouse tradition would have it.
The fam and I proceeded to make our way to Fleet Farm (the man’s mall) but not before taking a little drive through Marathon County farming country. Marathon County is primarily made up of the sprawling city of Wausau, Wisconsin, but if anyone drives just outside the city limits, you will find acre upon acre of beautiful farm land.
Farmers tend to practice a habit of what I like to call “snooping”. They (myself included) are always taking a peep at what our neighbors are doing in the fields. Honestly, without these little excursions, farmers wouldn’t really know when to start doing anything. They all have an idea, but it seems no one really will do anything until someone else does. I feel this is based on the weather. If one farmer plants early, then another will plant early. Then if there is a frost and the crop needs to be resown, well at least they aren’t the only ones.

Pop and Ma in the car while driving down an obscure Marathon County dirt road, just ten minutes from the bustling city of Wausau.

I may be completely off my rocker when I say this but these are just my observations.

Since we were busy celebrating, snooping and perusing the endless aisles of Fleet Farm, there was not much time for extracurriculars on the farm other than our daily chores. Dad did however coerce Nathan and I into milking the cows (usually it is one of us and Dad) so that he could attempt to fix our dryer and dishwasher.  It was fun, working with my brother because we realize we won’t have many opportunities after this summer to be together because of my graduation and movement into the journalistic workforce next spring.

Tomorrow, there are big plans for preparing our grain drill for planting soy beans!

Have a good Sunday evening,

Alyssa B.

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