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There were a multitude of happenings on the farm today, but the most exciting was putting a handful of heifers outside. Surprisingly, Wisconsin has some pretty harsh winters and if cattle are going to be outside for such conditions, we like to have the animals be pretty large. Anywhere from about 500 lbs and up is a healthy weight to survive a winter. Every fall Dad likes to start keeping the heifers (cows that have not had a calf) in the barn because they will be too small. Therefore, every spring we get the fun task of introducing them to the outdoors.

You can’t really tell, but these heifers are running around like crazy to stretch and experience life outside of the barn.

Since these animals have spent their entire lives in the barn, they have never experienced openness. The cattle take full advantage of it by running. If you can see in the picture, we have them in our fenced barn yard. We do this for two or three days so they can get used to their feet and learn about fences before we put them with the rest of the herd. This spring we are sending out 15 new heifers. They will pasture with 10 currently pastured heifers until each of them comes time to have a calf. When that time comes, around two years of age, they will be herded with the cows.

These lovely ladies are our two Herford heifers. They are besties and love to be together.

Other than putting the ladies out, we fixed fence, cleaned and put away the corn planter and got the grain drill ready for planting soybeans. A grain drill is used for many planting needs including oats and hay.

I personally added pink flamingos and a wooden sunflower to my garden. Also, I planted a variety of real sunflowers, which will bloom in about 80 days. Just in time for me to see them before school starts up again.

Tomorrow we may begin planting our soybeans!

Alyssa B.

P.S. I have just fallen in love with this page on Facebook! Everyone should check it out, it has a lot of pictures, facts and quotes that revolve around farming!


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