Soybeans and some other stuff

Hello again!

As usual there were a conglomeration of events on the farm today including the beginning of planting our soybeans!

We prepared the grain drill and Dad got to planting around 6 p.m. tonight, while Nathan and I milked cows. He planted four acres, and by the end of it there will be 18 total.

Dad planting the first of this year’s crop of soybeans with the old Oliver 770.

I want to back up just a little, all the way to this morning actually to when we let the cows out. When we let our cows out after milking every morning and night, they go out to pasture until the next milking. Well, we have enough space that we split the pasture up into two parts so that when one gets low on grass because the cows ate it all, we can switch pastures and allow the first to regrow. Today we did just that!

Our cows way down in the uneaten lower pasture enjoying the new grass.

Another fun fact about today was that I planted my potatoes in my garden today! I made two separate mounds, and they should grow more potatoes than we can handle. A side note about the garden… I covered my little tomato last night, and guess what? Yup, there was a frost. He did live, thanks for asking. 🙂

Tomorrow there are plans to continue planting soybeans and introducing the 15 heifers to their new pasture.

Have a good one,

Alyssa B.

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