Happy Donald Driver Day! (Wisco pride everyone, deal with it.)

So, today we finished planting beans. We are now a few days ahead. Woot woot! But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything for us to do. Next step is hay season and that means we have to prepare the silo, get the haybine and chopper out and we still have to get those heifers out to pasture. (It didn’t happen today.)

The 3150 JD hooked onto our drag. This machine creates a nice and smooth seed bed for planting.

While Nathan had the privilege of dragging (right), Dad and I picked rocks on the corn and bean fields that had already been planted. Here in Wisconsin, we don’t grow crops, we grow rocks and then pick them by hand! We absolutely love it. (Insert sarcasm.)

These are just a few of the rocks that we picked today. My great great grandpa started doing this. You should see the piles of rocks scattered around our different fields. (AKA: there are a lot.)



The finishing of the beans is monumental for us, considering we planted 18 acres in two days. Dad finished up tonight at about 9:00 p.m.

Fun facts about soybeans:

1. They are a nitrogen fixating plant. This means that they make their own nitrogen from the atmosphere if properly nodulated at one unit of nitrogen to one bushel.

2. According to Purdue University to properly nodulate in a field soil where soybeans have never been grown, it is essential to first establish the specific rhizobia to ensure nitrogen fixation. Rhizobia are established through a process called, “inoculation.” For further info, go to

3. It is ideal to plant corn on soil that had beans on it the year before, that way the corn can use the left over nitrogen.

See you on the web tomorrow!

Alyssa B.

One last fun fact, our corn is germinating and sprouting!

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