Did you all miss me? I know I didn’t post yesterday, and I apologize. It is not my fault, it was the weather. It decided to get incredibly nasty and take out the power for about 15 hours. Granted we ran our generator so we could milk and water the cows and shower, but I didn’t want to use my computer for whatever reason.

There is more to this story. After long, dry and horrid hours picking rocks on our last 10 acre bean field, we did chores and chatted under our huge 65 year old chestnut tree. About 30 minutes later, we no longer have a tree, but a disaster. There were 70 mph winds, hail and a sheet of rain that went through our home. Including the chestnut, we lost two box elder trees and an apple tree. We lost two more in our pastures and the tops of three pine trees around our house. Luckily, the humans and buildings all survived, minus our swing set.

Cas was sleeping in the middle of the carnage, because well, he can.

During the one-minute storm, we also gained damage to our machine shed doors, the blower pipe on our silo and random small things. Also, our cows were literally pushed into our heifer pasture. We had broken barbed wire fence and electric fence, which needed to be fixed right away last night. Also, there was a tree down across the road, and it blocked traffic. One man in a van hit it and drove into our field, breaking more fence. Then another guy in a Ford Ranger got stuck up on this tree. Needless to say, the police were there and it was a big ole nightmare.

He conquered the chestnut, what’s next?

Today, we chopped up the majority of the chestnut tree. It was not too much fun, but with the four of us, we got a lot accomplished. My mom’s brother in-law helped as well as my dad’s sister and Nathan’s friend, Jackson. We got a lot done, but once I’m done posting this, I’m hitting the sheets. I’ll post before and after pics soon!

Goodnight all,

Alyssa B.


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