I know, I missed another day. I feel that everyone should expect this every once in a while, because I’m a busy girl. The things I do exhaust me, so sometimes I will not be posting. No worries, I’ll catch y’all up to speed.

It is rather convenient that we have tractors, or this process would not be possible.

The last two days have revolved around cleaning up the mess of trees that fell in our yard. We have the chestnut basically all cleaned up with the exception of one small section of the stump and one half of the trunk. The box elders and apples are all gone. We made that really simple by attaching them to the tractor and dragging them down to the swamp. Hardly any work involved 🙂 I also had the great idea of making two sections of the chestnut trunk into news lawn furniture. They now sit around our campfire!

Lacey and I goofing off on the leftover box elder tree stump.

Our family members have been frequenting the home to see the damages. My eight-year-old cousin Lacey was here as well and helped a lot with little odd jobs around the farm. She helped feed hay, load the truck with wood and taught me how to dance. She is a dancer when we had lunch on Saturday she entertained us to the sweet meoldies of Lady GaGa. It was so awesome, I asked her to teach me. Needless to say, we had a blast.

Today is Sunday, and after church a majority of my Mom’s family gathered at my Grandma’s house for a Memorial Day cookout. I was tired and not very sociable, but it was a lot of fun to be with family. Relaxing was on top of the list of things to do today, other than chores and working a bit more on the chestnut stump. We succeeded in all our endeavors.

Tomorrow’s plans? Well, who knows.

Alyssa B.


My sweet corn is peaking out!

He’s just a little guy, but he’s one of the first to take a peak outside!


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