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Happy Memorial Day! Lots of love to those in the Armed Forces, especially my cousin Christopher and my really good friend Max, who are both members of the United States Navy. I miss and love you both!

Baby number one, and it’s a boy!

On the farm, however, we had our first of 19 baby calves to be born in June and July! It’s a boy and he was about a week early.

The fam and I accomplished a handful of tasks today, including the final removal of the chestnut tree stump. It’s all gone, the hole is filled with dirt and now all we have to do is get rid of the pile of wood in the yard. Our lawn mower is now repaired and Nathan took on the task of mowing the whole lawn. I finished up the garden by planting the onions, and I also planted the flowers Mom bought for our flower beds and hanging baskets.

Nathan filling the huge hole left from the chestnut tree.

As my Dad always says after we mow the lawn, “Now, it looks like somebody lives here again.” Let’s put it this way, the grass got pretty long this time.

We put away the plow and got the discbine out for quickly upcoming hay season. The damages to the silo should be done in time for us to cut and start chopping hay by the middle of the week!

Summer farm activities are really starting to heat up, be ready for some intense blogging action!

My swanky and incredibly tacky, but completed, garden! It has tomatoes, potatoes, sunflowers, corn, lettuce and onions… yummmmmy!

All the best,

Alyssa B.

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