Hay Season

Hay. Hay is why we have gathered here, together, today. (Catch my reference?)

The very first hay cut by the Bloechls this year. Dad went to town in the 3150 and discbine.

This is one of few times when I have seen Dad with a goofy and completely happy grin on his face while working. He drove by where I was watching with a big smile on his face. This is the result of having the machinery work properly, right away. He whacked down a total of seven acres with plans of baling it into silage bales tomorrow. Silage bales are hay bales that are baled when the hay is still wet. We then wrap them in plastic wrap so they can ferment like regular silage.

The baler has been prepped for tomorrow and we are watching the weather closely. Mom reported that on her 40 minute commute home from work today, every farmer she saw had cut hay. Her fear was that Dad didn’t cut and would be left out. (She’s such a joker sometimes.)

It is a bit of a sentimental day for me as well. We sold my last award winning show cow today. She was going on nine-years-old. Her name was Chloe and in 2008 she won the Junior Reserve Champion Holstein placement at the dairy show at the Lincoln County 4-H Fair. Her award meant that she was the second best heifer (not cow) at the fair. I did not cry when she left, thanks for asking.

This is Chloe and I right after we won Jr. Reserve Champion Holstein in 2008. A spectacular cow that my family was very proud of. She always was a friend to me, and it was hard to let her go.

Today I made the trip to Mosinee, WI to pick up one part for our manure spreader. It was damaged in the storm and I got the job of doing all the driving while Dad worked. Tough break for me (not really). I listened to my new favorite radio station 96.7 in Wausau. http://hot967fm.com/

Nathan had his first day of work at that mill today, so it was just Pops and I again.

Tomorrow, Cas gets his rabies shots 🙂

Alyssa B.

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