Tractor Time

Oh herrow there! How’s life off the farm? I honestly wouldn’t know.

Clearly, I am the most fantastic of hay rakers. Yup, it’s a real thing.

There are many things happening here, including the official baling of hay! Yeah! It has begun and we won’t be stopping until the silage bales are all wrapped, the silo is full and the dry hay is packed away in the barn. And then, we will keep on going. Second crop will be patiently waiting.

Dad in the JD 3150 baling the first silage bales of the year!

I had some real time on one of our tractors today. The little John Deere 2030 and I were reacquainted with the task of raking hay. Raking hay is necessary because it allows the water to be shaken off and the underside of the cut hay to get some sun before we bale it. Also, it is then placed in tight and convenient rows.

I raked both fields, totaling 14 acres of hay. It was a blast, and I re-burnt my nose. Next time, I’ll be slathering on sunblock and wearing an awesome hat.

The baler did break down once today. Not uncommon, but a set back none the less. There are six very large and heavy bands in the baler that help in creating the bales, and one of them broke. Easy fix with the help of our neighbor, Ray.

The bands inside the round baler.

Nathan and I milked the cows so Dad could finish up due to our lengthy setback. It was an easy fix, but the band must be taken completely out. It is 460 inches long (and I only know that because that’s what the manual said, you figure out the footage.)

Dad and I have the bale wrapper all set up to wrap the bales tomorrow. Also, the barn is going to be white washed! Wooooo! That means the area of the barn that is stone will be painted with a lime and water mixture. It is required by law that dairy farmers do this every year. The barn will look so clean too!

Later days and thanks everyone, for reading.

Alyssa B.

P.S. I was running and Cas tripped me, sending me flying face first into the gravel driveway. My hands and arms are a mass of cuts. Some days, my dog is a complete idiot. A cute one, but still an idiot.

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