Double Down

Sorry I’m late! To make it up to everyone, I will do a double post (or just one with two days).


It was an epic sort of day. We had many bales to wrap, which we did. I also had to replant some of my garden because some of the corn wasn’t growing. The barn was white washed, and it is uber pretty and clean now! It rained sort of, but that didn’t stop Dad from baling some more hay.

To end the day, I left the farm destined to meet my long time friends Brad and Holly (who are now engaged and are planning the most epic wedding ever!) for din din. On the way there, I saw double rainbows! They were full-on, pot of gold bearing, rainbows. If I wasn’t going to dinner, I would have gone hunting for gold, that’s how legit they were.


As Dad and I were milking cows this morning, he listed of a very lengthy list of things that we needed to accomplish by the end of the day.

1. Wrap bales

2. Haul manure

3. Switch the cows to a new pasture

4. Breed cows

5. Take round bales out to the heifer pasture

And a few other odd jobs. Well, we were awesome and did one more thing. Or I should say, I did one more thing. I got to cut six acres of hay. It was awesome. Seriously.

This little guy looks so cute, but I wonder more about where his mother is.

To top the day off, I saw a bear! It was just a little cub, in our backyard. But a black bear was in our yard!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to go into stealth mode to get my phone out of the house so I could snap a poorly taken photo. It was attempting to scare our heifers, but it saw me and ran back across the street. I just couldn’t believe it.

It gets even better… we had our second of 19 babies today! It’s a girl too!

Thanks for waiting patiently to read and thanks even more for reading!

Alyssa B.

P.S. I will add more photos to this tomorrow!

Cas watching over our new baby girl, but ultimately looking for a ride.


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