Simple Day

‘Ello! (Thought I’d be a little British considering the huge Jubilee celebration in Great Britain right now. God save the Queen, and God bless America.)

Early today we finished up wrapping our first crop silage bales. Dad then proceeded to cut 10 acres of hay that we will be blowing into the silo this week.

It was a hot day, but when chore time came around it became stormy. I was milking alone and my thoughts ran directly to, “What if the power goes out? Dad is gone cutting hay, he has the tractor. There is no way I could even hook up our generator if I tried.” No worries, Dad came back just as I was finishing up and the power didn’t go out. I really should educate myself on how to run the generator, just in case I would need to when I’m alone…

The rain was nice and very helpful for our soybeans! We were getting nervous because after the big storm that took our trees down, the soil crusted and became really hard. This could have potentially prevented the beans from growing. But with the warm rain, the soil will have softened up and the beans will do just fine.

There is always a worry with everything a farmer has to accomplish. No matter what the decision, it is always a gamble. This year we planted a little early, and it may or may not hurt our harvest numbers. Frost is still a tid bit of a worry as well as the soil.

This what the soybeans looked like when they were competing with the Earth. They are little fighters.

Along with the rain, another one of Dad’s old sayings came out. “The rain will be a good shot in the arm for the corn too!” is what he said. This, among many other quotes about the weather, sneaks out of Dad every year. I’ll be sure to update you with more as they come.

Tomorrow we will be preparing to fill the silo, and that means I need to calm my nerves about being the designated hay chopper. It’s a lot of stress to run the machinery, but I have a whole harvest under my belt from last year. It’s going to be a blast.

Have a good night and thanks for reading!

Alyssa B.


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