Super Tuesday

Along with Wisconsin’s epic recall election (3rd in the nation’s history) bringing in results right now, there were a lot of accomplishments on the Bloechl Homestead Farm today.

After morning chores, Dad, Nathan and I each made our way to cast our votes. (Mom went before work.) Only two hours into voting, the Town of Schley was in the high 70s for number of people voting. Right now, there are over 1 million votes counted for Wisconsin’s special recall, and the ticker is only reporting 60 percent of votes reported. Crazy day for Wisconsin, and we’re in the eye of the entire country.

Other than anxiously watching polls and final counts for the election, we managed to get all of the machinery prepared for chopping hay. There was a slight chance of us chopping tonight, but the slight chance of rain turned into definite rain. The hay cut yesterday will need to be tedded (basically like fluffing it and shaking the water off) before we chop.

The rain is both a blessing and a curse. We need it for the beans, oats and corn, but if we do not get a chance to get the hay off of the field it may rot. We would have to chop it back on the field, bringing us a loss of 10 acres for our silo. Hopefully we get enough sun the next few days!

Our lovely JD chopper. We had to grease it, sharpen the knives and test it. Now it is ready to go right when we need it!

The chopper, blower and two chopper boxes are greased, sharpened, pumped and tested. Everything is ready to go, including the workers!

Hopefully tomorrow I will get to utilize my awesome driving skills!

Hope everyone in Wisco voted today, no matter what your choice!

Alyssa B.

P.S. The peonies are FINALLY blooming!  Be jealous, they smell delicious. I even cut some to put in the kitchen!

My favorite perennials on the farm!

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