Two Seconds and One Third

Hello to my favorite readers! There was a lot of activity on the Bloechl Farm today, and it was 100 percent focused on chopping hay. After running some errands this morning, I came home to the 10 acres of cut hay all ready to be chopped.

This was the second load of the day, but my first!

Dad made the first few rounds, but then I took the wheel. I was in that tractor for five and a half hours. (That is an hour and a half longer than it takes me to drive to Platteville for school.) We made it through with no apparent problems other than wanting a bigger tractor to do the job. The 3150 JD is doing just fine though.

The first hay we chop usually is surrounded with stress. Dad and I got done with no issues. He hauled the wagons home and blew the hay into the silo, and I just bounced around on the field. Tomorrow, the Boss is planning on cutting five more acres for chopping. Whoopee!

There was a surprise waiting for us when we finished too! Another baby was born. It was a boy, out of one of my old fair cows. The proud momma is doing well and the baby is super chipper.

So you know how all women get all crazy when they see a cute baby? Well, cows are worse. As I was chasing the cows to the barn, they realized there was a baby. Dad had it in the back of our Gator (4-wheeler with a bed) and about six of the cows ran after it, because they wanted to be by the baby. Needless to say, I was a bit irritated.

We were about two hours late milking cows because of chopping, but it’s better to milk late than chop in the dark. The cows are not affected by this, because they will get back on schedule tomorrow morning 🙂

See everyone tomorrow!

Alyssa B.

The corn has been in the ground for two weeks today!

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