A Fulfilling Weekend

New Format Update: Thanks everyone for reading and if you commented, a huge thank you goes out to you! I will be making some slight changes to the posting. In light of a very FULL weekend, I have decided that it would be best for me to do weekend posts on Sundays. They will consist of the events from Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It will force me to be more creative in explaining our work and make it more fun for you to read a succession of days all at once.Enjoy the first ever Weekend Update.

Friday: Shawno, Wi is a lovely place to travel. Not to far away yet far enough to know you are somewhere other than Gleason. Granny and I made it with no problems. We had breakfast with my ain’t, her mother in-law and my two fantastic little cousins. Zach and Cody were full of stories of epic proportions for Grandma and I. We learned that they are the best soccer players ever and that they are getting good grades. Cody showed us his loose tooth, making Grandma jokingly threaten to pull it out. He almost switched seats at the table so he could be further away from her. It was a good breakfast to say the least.
I made it home after a stop at Fleet Farm just in time to help Dad chop some more hay.

Zack is the blondie and Cody is the brunette! My cousins, who play soccer and color… it’sl like were SUPPOSED to be family.

Saturday: Rolling out of bed was very rewarding today because wouldn’t you know it… Baby number four was patiently waiting for is out in the pasture with his Momma close by. Another bull, but there are plenty more babies coming.
Dad got to cutting hay right away after chores so that we could get chopping asap. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the hay he cut that morning was dry by the time we needed to milk. Therefore, Dad chopped and I milked. (I want it to be known that I milked by myself every evening this entire week… It keeps me thin I guess.) We didnt finish without a breakdown. One of the chopper boxes broke, but after some messing with it, thinking and the assistance of neighbor Ray, we fixed it. By the time I finished chores, we had three loads left to chop. The silo was full after one. Wooo! No worries, the hay all fit… The next day, after we allowed it to settle in the silo.

Pops doing all of the thinking and messing, while I just stand by pretending to know what he’s doing.

Sunday: Chores, church and I was lazy for the rest of the day. Pops topped the silo off and did odd jobs, while I on the other hand watched Glee.
Nathan spent the weekend in Minnesota so Mom and Dad took me out to lunch as well.
Dad thought we deserved an easy day considering how we pushed so hard to fill silo all week. But he did say, “Don’t worry, we will start working hard again tomorrow.”
Gotta love this place.
Alyssa B.

I’ll post pics tonight!

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