Typical Monday

It is one of those days where you just want to curl up in bed and never leave it.

Damp, humid, overcast, sprinkling morning is what I left the house to.

By the time we were done milking and eating breakfast, it was already over 80 degrees. How does that work?

Dad set up the silo unloader and we are now feeding the hay we recently filled the silo with. Nathan and I assisted Dad from the base of the silo, sending things that he needed up with a rope and such. As I was patiently waiting for his next demand, I was honestly on my phone, blogging. That is how the Weekend Update # 1 was published… But I continued on to peruse my apps for something fun to do as I waited.

Nathan, being manly and stuff. The silos are our replacement rock walls.

On a chance I opened up my Kindle App. I then found myself searching for a book I have been meaning to read since high school. I have always meant to buy a hard copy because apparently no one can dislike this book. I found it in the Kindle book store, so I started reading the sample. 10 minutes later I found myself purchasing and downloading the entire version.

The book: “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky. It is fantastic in a way that I can relate to writing. The flow is incredible and fast paced. The thoughts the main character about his life experiences are unique, and they make me wonder about myself more.

Not that any of that has anything to do with farming, but everyone should keep in mind that reading is just as important as writing. It improves you skills as well as keeping your mind sharp.

I also roller bladed for the first time in almost three years. I did rather well.

We cut just under 12 acres of hay and we are going to make silage bales out of it tomorrow. (Or I will be.)

Alyssa B.



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