Tantamount Tuesday

Hello friends!

How’s the weather? Here it was cool, then hot, now the weathermen are talking frost tonight. That would be rather detrimental to all of our crops. We could lose some, but that will be seen tomorrow.

Otherwise, we baled the last of our alfalfa and wrapped it up nice and pretty. We are planning on raking and potentially baling some dry hay tomorrow! (That means I will adorn short shorts and work on my tan!)

These roses are my Grandma Joanies! They are in full bloom at her home in Merrill, WI. Her clematis is also blooming… mine has not. I don’t know how she does it!

Big happenings happened here today as well! We finally have a sprayer on our haybine calibrated. A water and bacteria mixture will be spayed as we cut from now on. The organic bacteria will act as a preservative to the hay. It will help keep all moisture out of the hay, so that when it is baled and stored, it will not rot. If it rots and molds, the cows will not eat it.

Not that we necessarily had a huge problem of this, but sometimes the hay just isn’t dry enough. There is nothing wrong with taking extra precautions!

Pops working on calibrating the sprayer.

Baby number FIVE was born today as well. It was her first calf, and the little guy was 10 days early! The bull calf weighs less than Cas (our 90 lb. dog). Typically, baby calves weigh about 85-100 lbs. This little one has to be around 75 lbs. He is a fighter though. We picked him up in the gator from the pasture, and I had to lay on him to hold him down. The  little bad a** fought so hard his head thrashed back and hit my face. I honestly thought I was going to have to move to Kentucky, because I thought I lost a tooth. (I didn’t, but ever since my teeth just feel weird.)

Enjoy your evenings/days!

Alyssa B.

P.S. I finished “Perks” on my spare sleeping time.


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