Willfull Wednesday

Well hello hello!

Today was rather full of things, but very few things. After morning chores, Pops assigned me the task of tedding or fluffing our 12 acres of cut hay. This shakes the dew off and allows for a more dynamic drying atmosphere. When I finished around 1:00 p.m., he called and said I should rake it. Fantastic. I finished around 4:00 p.m… coincidentally just in time for chores. He left me to milk while he baled it.

I cut, tedded and raked it. He gets the glory of baling. Jeez.

During evening milking, when I was all alone, there was a calf born! Yup, lucky number seven is now here. The new mom started pushing around 5:30 p.m. and there was a new baby girl at about 6:00 p.m. All is well, and this girl was nine days early, but she is huge compared to the little boy that was born yesterday. I will put up pics tomorrow to show the differences!

Fun fact: if you have a dog and it is near cow placenta/after birth, it will try and eat it. No joke.

Here is a link to  a YouTube video of a cow giving birth. Be cautious before you watch… it’s graphic, but real. For some strange reason the video maker put it to classical piano music. That doesn’t happen in real life… I’m pretty sure our baby tonight was born to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” because it happened to be on the radio.

Did you know that cows lick their babies right after they are born? Well they do, or they should. The cow that freshened (had a calf) today was no exception. She licks the amniotic fluids off so the baby’s limbs/blood vessels are stimulated. It also prevents the calf from getting cold. Also, baby calves start walking shortly after they are born.

I got a lot of vitamin D today, so I am extremely tired and bronzed. My forearms are even darker than Dad’s now!


This is a candid of our heifer barn. These are ones we keep in because they are too small to go outside. If you can see to the far right, there is a baby laying in the hay! The cow at the very back of the photo is part of the milking barn.

Gleason is the same as ever. Questions, concerns? Holla at me!

Alyssa B.

p.s. We don’t think last night’s frost harmed our crops. Tomorrow will better tell!


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