Fhil-isophical Friday

I’m feeling witty today, everyone. Along with doing odd jobs around the Bloechl Homestead Farm, I’ve got writing on my mind. I’ll talk first about my daily dose of farming then I will comment on why I’ve got writing on my brain.

Dad “offered” me the opportunity to help him fix the round baler. I accepted… like I had a choice, but I had nothing else to do since Nathan took on the mowing of the lawn. I assisted my father in lacing two belts back into place. He had to remove them so that he could repair them. Honestly, lacing them into the baler is no easy task. There are about ten different poles and such that they wrap around. There is a picture on an earlier post to get a better idea of what I am talking about! Since the belts are repaired, we should be good to go for a while!

Cas distracted them for me so I could get a good photo! On the left is the girl that was born on Wednesday night when I milked alone. The one on the right is the little guy who was born on Tuesday. They were born 9 and 10 days early, respectively. The boy is tiny in comparison to the girl, and he is a day older. Funny how things happen!

We ended up putting the cows in at 3:00 p.m., about an hour earlier than normal. The cows typically wait for us to herd them into the barn, but they decided to just walk on up today. (Partly because Dad forgot to hook the fence.) It was in the mid 80’s for temperature today with humidity and FLIES. Cows don’t like flies anymore than we do. We were able to put them in the cool barn with lots of feed. This event caused Dad to decide that we are going to do this everyday, because it will be healthier for the cows and they eat more!

Dad and I also took a drive to check on our corn and beans. We have no frost damage! Yeah!

As for writing, well there is so much. The whole reason I started this somewhat daily blog is to continue writing through the summer so my skills hopefully improve. I hope those of you that read are enjoying and if you see any mistakes or have suggestions that will help improve my writing, don’t be shy. (I want to use this as a learning device too!)

I have been contemplating on journal writing for my own personal musings as well. Today for some reason, this post was “Freshly Pressed” and inspired me to do as I was planning. Thank you.

Someday I want to be a big time journalist and writer. Hopefully I can find the tools and inspiration to me get there.

All the best,

Alyssa B.

p.s. I forgot to tell you the joke I made up today!
“I have to pee so much I could make Noah’s Ark float again!”
…poor taste I know, but it’s funny, right? 🙂

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