Whimsicle Weekend

Happy Fathers Day! I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend, and thank you to my new followers, commenters and likers! It really brightens my day to know someone else is enjoying my blog. As I have said before, if you have any questions about anything I reference in my blog, feel free to ask. Also, if there is something different you would like to see or a new topic you would like me to discuss, I will be more than happy to oblige!

As for the weekend:

Saturday: It rained for most of Saturday, but I did get the opportunity to see my eight-year-old cousin Lacey preform at her dance recital! She looked beautiful and she did an amazing job, I was so happy to be able to watch her dance. She did a group jazz number to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Their costumes were festooned with glitter, but watching her have fun was the best part.

Sunday: After church, Mom and Dad wanted to go to our local Lion’s Club pancake breakfast, well wouldn’t you know it, we got a little more entertainment than we expected. The annual Gleason tractor pull was today! It was a lot of fun, because we, as farmers, enjoy looking at tractors. There are tractors that are modified to do some heavy pulling, but there are some that have just driven off the field and onto the track.

I took a very poor quality video for everyone to watch so that you can better understand happens at a tractor pull. I have it posted in a separate post. The tractors are hooked up to what the announcer was calling “The Eliminator.” As the tractor pulls it, there is a very heavy weight that moves forward on a track. As the weight gets closer to the tractor, it becomes heavier and heavier and ultimately harder for the tractor to pull. It is very loud and smells constantly of oil and exhaust, but it does draw a fun crowd. People watch these competitions all over, and they are an interesting twist on what is typically defined as an American past-time. Along with tractors there were a few classes for pick-up trucks.

Here are some of the modified tractors that competed today, minus the Allis Chalmers in the front. The best pulling tractors have more weight on the rear tires. That is why the fronts are so skinny.

It probably seems like we aren’t doing a lot of work around the farm, but as soon as we get some consistent sunshine we will be cutting more hay! Don’t get me wrong, the cows need to be milked every day, so these little things are fun for us to break up the time and get us off of the farm while still being able to be home for chores.

Thanks for reading,

Alyssa B.


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