A Total Wash

Hi everyone!

Today was  another rain day. Literally. All. Day. Long.

Baby number nine was born Monday the 18th, marking the exact one month I have been home on the farm this summer. (Its a boy.)

I was consistently soaked almost all day. At one point it was raining so hard we couldn’t see the neighbors.

Dad made sure I didn’t have something to do, so he had me cut one of our cow pastures. The purpose of this is so that the grass can all regrow and the cows can have all kinds of yummy food. It was misting during this hour and a half endeavor, so still raining.

As I was waiting to get in the tractor, I took some photos from the pasture. I thought this looked cool with the farm in the background.

As I worked on this, Dad de-horned some of our calves. Typically all farmers do this, because horns on cows cause more problems than they would seem to prevent.

I had some time to unpack from school… yeah I’ve been home exactly one month today… I’m a major slacker on that. I mean, I’ll be moving again in like two months anyways.

Baby number nine was born today and I have some great pics, but my computer is garbage. Tomorrow, promise.

Have a good evening,

Alyssa B.

All fixed up with photos! Enjoy


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