Vay-K Weekend Update

Hello there readers!

I will do the best I can to inform you of my epic weekend.


After waking up in the early morning, doing chores and then cleaning house with Nathan, I departed for Shiocton, WI to visit my roommate in her hometown for her birthday. It was a nice two-hour drive where I got to see a lot of farm land that isn’t farmed by the Bloechls. It is truly amazing how much of a difference there is in the height and substance of the corn and beans just a few hours south of here. Corn was at least waist-high and the beans were bushing up to pretty substantial proportions. We have to wait a few more weeks for that.

When I arrived at Alycia’s, it was like a breath of fresh air. I honestly cannot live without her. After her dog tried to eat my face, I forced her to open her presents (which were hand decorated dinnerware (here’s how!))



Alycia’s birthday  was on the 20th, but her parents put on a big ole’ shin dig for her this last weekend. It was a blast! I met her whole extended family and friends from her hometown. I couldn’t have had a better vacation.


After a long night of shenanigans, I woke up early to go to Green Bay, WI. I met my godmother, uncle, his Mom, and my two adorable cousins for lunch. We then went to Bay Beach Amusement Park for a few rides. We went on the Sizzler and the Tilt-A-Whirl, both of which were as awesome as when I was little. After a while, I had to depart for home. Don’t worry, the cows were waiting, because I happened to arrive just when milking started. Dad went off to cut hay, so Zach, one of our workers, and I milked.

Zach, Cody and I on our way into the Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay!


Today is Nathan’s 20th birthday! We celebrated with cookies and creme cake with my Grandmas. It was a load of fun and he is pretty giddy at the thought of not being a teenager anymore.

Rear view out of the tractor while cutting.

But I did get to cut another pasture while Dad and Nathan piled the dry hay bales we made last week.

Nathan checking over the tarp and tires we use to protect the hay.

Alyssa B.

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