Tuesday’s Lasting Tanlines

It’s Tuesday. There is something about Tuesday that is definitely off. It took me up until 10 minutes ago to realize why I was in such a funk on this particular Tuesday. I spent nine months in the same room, with the same people, doing the same things last school year. Since summer began I didn’t realize that I would miss it so much.

The school newspaper, the Exponent, has production night on Tuesday night. As an editor I spent countless hours holed up in a windowless room with a bunch of hooligans that I came to love. I hope you guys are reading this and feeling the same. I love you and miss you. I’m rather anxious for next fall already.

Also, this Tuesday was funky on the farm. If you reference back a few weeks ago to when we had to fix our round baler, you could basically just read that post again.

After just under five hours of mindless hay raking, Dad fired the round baler up. He had spent two rainy days last week repairing all of the belts to the correct sizes and wouldn’t you know it, two of the five belts broke after about 20 minutes on the field. It was rather demoralizing.

I milked cows, Dad fixed and the ever reliant neighbor Ray came and helped Dad work out a few kinks. We got that baby goin’ just perfect now.

Dad spent all of Sunday and Monday cutting over 40 acres of hay, so with the baler all of the sudden breaking, we got nervous that we wouldn’t finish baling before it got rained on. Dad baled about 10 of it tonight before it got dark, so not all hope is lost. I have another full day of sitting in the sun with bare shoulders and SPF 50 on the tractor tomorrow, so I better “hit the hay” if you get what I mean.

Since I was on the tractor, I left my phone home and nothing to crazy happened that was picture worthy today, so no photos.

Thanks for reading,

Alyssa B.


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