High 80s

Waiting for the last two cows to finish up milking tonight.

Thought I would be just as up front as possible with this photo. Isn’t it beautiful? I mean whoever thought of cows was a genius. Honestly, the milk just comes everyday, like a freekin’ miracle.

Today was not much, other than making copious amounts of hay. I literally raked from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with like one 15 minute break to eat and re-apply sun screen. I don’t even feel like I can say I am one color. I’m pasty white, russet brown and lightly bronze. All three colors are on my body.

Tomorrow we are going to finish up raking and baling what we have laying down, and then we are going to do something crazy and unnatural! What’s that? Cut MORE hay! Woooo! The sooner we are done the better.

Check out this video that I was told about by a friend! It is truly inspiring to know that there are other farmers my age that are PROUD of farming and what it means to be a farmer. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do! (And check out all of that John Deere equipment!) Those boys were pretty cute, too bad Kansas is quite a drive from Wisconsin.

I re-planted more corn in my garden and played soccer with the puppy tonight too!

I hope everyone is still enjoying my fantastical days! Any questions, don’t be afraid to ask! Also, I have big and exciting news! The Bloechl Homestead Farm is now on Facebook! Be sure to check it out and ‘Like’ us here!

Alyssa B.

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