Another Weekend


Without any hesitation whatsoever, I jumped onto the tractor and raked copious amounts of hay. My tan is progressing to the point where my shins are white and my arms are brown. Everyone will be told that they are soccer tanlines. We even started filling the barn with some of the dry round bales we have made. It’s quite fun, if you are into rolling around 300 lbs. worth of scratchy hay. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and I sure wouldn’t want one to roll on me.


After working on filling the barn with the assistance of Nathan, I got to spend the day with my Mom and her Mom. Grandma Bev is one in a million. She loves playing games, so we played Scrabble and some cards. I even introduced her to The Phantom of the Opera. She couldn’t get over how amazing the music is, so I left the DVD with her to watch again. It was really nice to spend some time with both my Mom and her. They are amazing women.

Dad cut the last of the first crop hay tonight. Praise the Lord. But as soon as we finish filling the barn and moving all of the other bales, we get to cut second crop!

As we are now into the month of July, that means residents of Lincoln County can begin preparing themselves for the awesomeness that is the Lincoln County 4-H Fair! It is July 18-22, and it will be a blast. I spend most of my time in the barns with my old 4-H friends.

Another cool thing, my garden is doing very well. Here’s a photo!

My hot pepper plant is doing rather well! I’m sure we’ll be eating some spicy salsa soon enough!


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