Hay Wave Celebration

I realize it has been a couple of days, but being on a farm, things can get busy… or I just get a little lazy.

The title of my post today is specific to three different things that have happened over the last few days.

Hay: Today, the 5th, is the official end of our finishing making first crop hay. Dad and I finished up raking and baling today at around 3 p.m. It ONLY took us over a month, but that’s okay we have plenty of second crop to make!

Teddy, is what I named him.

These are boats on the Wisconsin River waiting to watch the Rock Island Bar fireworks.

Wave: The heat index has been off the charts the last few days. I think of it as like a wave of sweat that has been building up for a long time and is finally washing over all of Wisconsin. It is supposed to be over by tonight. I honestly hope it rains. And rains. And rains.

Celebration: As we all know the 4th of July, America’s greatest and proudest day of the year, just passed. To celebrate, the Bloechl’s had both of my Grannys come out to the farm for a cookout. It was good fun, mostly because they brought the best food. Also, Mom, Dad and I made a little trip to our favorite lake in Langlade County, Jack Lake to cool off. It helped, but when we first dove in it felt like bath water. To get to the cold stuff we had to swim past the drop off, and I was the only one who did it. On our way home we saw a huge bear. It was just chillin on the side of the road, so we snagged some photos!

I feel fo reals bad, because I forgot to let y’all know about baby calf number 10. It was a boy, but we sold him and I didn’t get a photo of him. Sorry… BUT I did get a good photo of our number 11 little baby girl that was born this morning! Feast your eyes!

Isn’t she beautiful? Her protector too?

I also want to let you know, I found a way to have the tractor pull video get online! Take a look back a few weeks and you can watch it!

Have a good night,

Alyssa B.


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