Blame it on the Family


FAMILY, FAMILY, FAMILY. The Bloechl’s were all about family this weekend. My Mom’s sister Brenda and her husband Ron were visiting from Lake Geneva, WI along with my cousin Stefanie, her husband Corey and their new baby boy, Finley visited as well. It was really awesome to spend some quality family time with all of them, and of course playing with the new baby.

My little garden, now kicking butt!


There was more family on Monday as well! Mom, Grandma Joanie, my Aunt Pat and I all made our way to Sheyboygan, WI for my cousin Angie’s baby shower. It was a real treat because Angie and her husband Paul live in California, so it was the first time we’ve seen them in a long time. I got re-acquainted with my cousin Kati, seeing that we were the youngest at the party. We had a lovely time batting off our mothers, grandmothers and aunts about who is going to get married next… all we could do is say, “not for a long time.” All good fun, because I also saw some of my male cousins, including Ben, Matt and even Jon. Jon wasn’t even at the party… My aunt Ann got all technological and we “Face Timed” him, in Philadelphia, PA. The family literally passed Jon and his dog around the entire kitchen, and it was a sight I will never forget.

As for the farm, and the real purpose of this blog…

Since we have our first crop hay all made, Dad wasted no time in cutting more. We have been filling the silo, again, for the last two days. We hope to get a few more acres in before the weekend as well. It has been hot still, but not as humid making it easier for us to work. In the southern half of the state and the US, there has been declared a drought. Crops are failing and prices are rising. We have been very fortunate in getting enough rain, so far.

Baby boy number 14, playing hide and seek!

Baby numbers 12, 13, 14 and 15 were born since my last post. All boys, wouldn’t you know it. There was also one set of twins, but not everything went perfectly. Remember that with new life also comes death. People die everyday, and so do animals. It was last Friday, the hottest it has been all summer, and I went to find a baby being born in the pasture. It was the second of the twins, and it had passed away. The other is as healthy as can be, but these things happen and we move on.

No matter, we had another born the next day anyways. The babies are just flying at us. 🙂 Here’s a cool article about triplets!

Sorry for such a delay in the posts, but things have been busy. I wouldn’t expect another until Sunday, because I am going to Rock USA! My uncle Bobby’s band is playing and Shinedown is also on the docket! I’m super excited and ready for my first Rock USA weekend experience!

See you on Sunday!

Alyssa B.

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