Monumental Efforts

For my readers who are not cool enough to watch the local agricultural news, today farmers in Wisconsin are able to find some relief to the drought.

Gov. Scott Walker announced that state-owned property which is saved for land and wildlife conservation, will now be open for farmers who have labeled as extremely dry. Crops are failing and the cows need to be fed, and this weather has pushed our Governor to request that the United States Department of Agriculture open 11,500 acres for one hay cutting and cattle grazing purposes.

This is a fantastic move by our government to help maintain Wisconsin’s reputation for producing top quality agricultural products. Without this form of aid and relief, there would be many farmers facing decisions of selling out. If you want to read more about the issues at hand, read this!

As for the Bloechls, we won’t be utilizing this opportunity because we are not in extreme drought. We are however, waiting impatiently for the next rain. The next bought of storms is supposed to begin tomorrow and last through Thursday night.

We wrapped up the last of our silage bales today! Woo hoo! (Between you and me, I’m sure Dad will want to do more.) The boss man has plans to cut a bunch of hay when the so-called-rain ends this week. Good, I need to work on my tan lines, they look horrid.

I also wanted to mention some exciting news! As of right now, my blog had 41 views TODAY! That is the second most ever, and for good reason. Thank you all so much for reading. Please hit me up with comments, questions and tell your friends about my ramblings on!

Have a good night,

Alyssa B.

Here is the latest on how the garden looks! Green, luscious, beautiful are words that come to mind. And look at that 90 pound pup, totally adorable.

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