Welcome To London!

‘Ello Govnas’! It’s Olympics Season! That means the tvs in the Bloechl household will stay on NBC for the next 15 days. We love our American athletes!

Other than the mounting excitement about the London games, we have been busy. Dad decided to get some use out of the haybine and cut 19 acres this last week. About five of those were baled and wrapped as silage bales, and the rest got rained on. We did need the rain, badly, so it wasn’t that bad.

The thing of it is though, we are planning on making these remaining 14 acres into dry hay. Dad raked it today, it will need to be raked again tomorrow and then hopefully we can bale it late afternoon.

Fun fact, today I made a “Hay for Sale” sign. It was up for ten minutes and Dad sold the hay we had left. That never happens.

We have been hearing a lot about an online corn and forage market for farmers, called Farmer To Farmer. It is becoming a very talked about source for farmers to find the feed they need because of the high hazards the impending drought is having on crops. Hay prices are skyrocketing as farmers are becoming more and more desperate to find feed for their cattle. Take a look here.

I feel bad that we are getting lucky with rain and so many others are not, but here are some pictures of the crops!

Here are some of our oats! They are heading out and will start turning gold as they mature.

Since I spent last week at the Lincoln County Fair, Mom and Dad decided that they wanted to go to the Langlade County Fair. We saw their mostly built new cattle barn, along with a field of tractors and tons of 4-H projects. We ate deep fried vegetables and watched a pretty good local band sing Styx. All in all, good family night.

Here is the CORN! Looks great, doesn’t it?

Hope to see you soon!

Alyssa B.

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