Chickens and Claws

Hello friends and readers! Sorry I have not been with you for a couple days, but that doesn’t mean I will disappoint you with a little post 🙂

First, I wanted to talk just a little bit about the widespread drought, then we shall discuss lighter topics. So I’m pretty sure that I said everyone is going to be watching for increased food prices in the future… well someone else thought so too. Read this article (thank you Wausau Daily Herald), and you can learn all about it. If, however, you are too lazy to click on the link, the article goes into greater depth about how with farmers selling a lot of their cattle will drive the price of beef down in the short term, but eventually the prices will go up because the supply will drop. Farmers are making difficult decisions to sell their cattle because feed bills are too high based on the fact that not a lot of crops are being grown. The drought is forcing prices of corn, hay, soybeans, oats, wheat and everything else through the roof, making it difficult for farmers to pay to feed their cows.

On a lighter note, the Bloechls have been very fortunate. We have had ample rain fall which will hopefully result in an excellent harvest.

Big things are happening here as well! We now have chickens. Yes. Chickens.

See, there are four! Grandma Joanie gave them to me. She “loves” them just as much as our pink flamingos in the garden.

Speaking of chickens… this last Sunday was our church’s annual Chicken Barbeque and Carnival. There was one chicken that survived the grill, but it was at the mercy of curious parishioners. Every year, a chicken comes to the carnival for a crowd favorite game called the “Doo Drop.” You pay the price of $1, and you pick a square on a large sheet of paper of where you think the chicken will drop its doo. Oh yes, we have a good amount of fun with that! There are many attractions at the carnival including kid games, cheap beer, a clown, a shooting range, ice cream and live entertainment. So next year, think about joining us at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Bloomville, WI (first Sunday in August)!

The Jackson Family Band
They play a wide variety of music including country western and polka!

The said chicken.

On the farm we have been making more hay! Wouldn’t you know it. We have wrapped some more silage bales, but now we are anticipating the oat harvest. When the combining starts, I will be sure to have lots to say with accompanying photos! (Something other than hay should be welcome.)

We had baby number 21 for the summer! She was born on Saturday evening and is one of four that are due to be born in August!

Yesterday, we loaded up our little Ford F150 with the scrap metal that we have had laying around for some time now. Nathan and I got to go to the recycling center to get rid of it. Let me tell you, that was an experience. I’ve not seen so much junk and large machinery, well, ever.

How awesome is that?!

Have a lovely afternoon, and thanks for reading!

Alyssa B.

P.S. Only 19 days until I move back to school at UW-Platteville!



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