10 Days and Counting

I have ten days left here on the farm before I depart for school. It will be a fast handful of days, which is good and bad. No matter, there have been lots of activities going on around here!

My sweet corn is almost ready to be devoured!

Rando sunflower thinks he’s better than all the others! I love gardening.

We have been cutting and chopping old hay for straw the last week. We can’t feed this hay because the cows wont eat it, so once it is chopped, we use an old blower and blow it into the barn onto a huge pile. It will be so much easier to have straw more readily available for use once we get it all done.

The next big thing, however, will be the combining of oats. We want to have it done this week, so wish us luck that it all gets done on time!

Update: The soybeans are looking luscious. There are tons of pods on the stalks and we should have a fantastic harvest in September/October. (I promise to show pics of the beans soon!)

Lately, I have been watching my garden, babysitting and thinking about all I have to do before school. I’ll get around to doing them, soon… I hope. My little cousin Zack’s birthday is today! He is eight and one of the coolest kids I know! Mom, her Mom and I are going over to have a good ole’ party for him in Algoma this weekend!

The heifers love corn silage that the cows don’t eat! Every morning they get this yummy treat.

No rain, just sprinkles lately. So, it’s good for the oats and not as good for the corn since it has another month yet to grow and fill out the cobs. The field corn looks a lot like the sweet corn shown here. Dad is getting anxious to start chopping it into silage.

I hope this is enough to feed your need for farming knowledge until I find the courage to write another one!

Any questions? Comment? Concerns? Be sure to ask! Then follow me, and tell your friends!

Alyssa B.


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