Student Life

I feel as if I have abandonded my entire summer mentality. I miss this. Care-free blogging, my cows, life outside, hard labor, my family and mostly my dog. I have gone from working hard and constantly talking about agriculture into a high-paced , neverending string of meetings, classes, work and phone calls. An ednless amount of phone calls to bosses, friends and whoever finds thier way into my sights for a quick interview.

This is the first stack of books I have checked out of the library for my communication research paper. I’ve chosen to analyze how US presidents have been successful based on thier campaign techniques. I’m pretty nerded out.

What is this strange magic called college? My carefree disposition for life has seemed to abandonded me, or rather has stayed home with my life there. Now, back into the full mind-boggling crazyness that has enveloped my life, I feel as if I’m different. I find myself worrying about classes, deadlines and if I’ll make it to a certain event. Also, the internet has reconsumed my attention. The emails, the status updates and mostly the RESEARCH…. I’m surfing constantly.

Is this going to be my life from now on? In a way I hope to always be busy and strengthing my education through being a journalist, but I also hope to have that connection to the Earth and the agriculture industry. (Here’s an update on the corn situation.)

Here is a horribly taken photo of the drought stricken corn south of Madison. It made me want to cry. Our corn did so well this year. Dad recently reported that we are averaging about 130-150 bushels per acre. National averages are around 122 bushels per acre.

Based on these revelations, my goal is to not lose sight of finishing my degree strongly so that I can someday be a successful journalist. Hopefully this path will lead to me writing about the things that inspire me such as cows, crops, GMOs and country living.

P.S. I have been having a great time in my new apartment with my roommate, Alycia. We are keeping homework in our sights, extracurriculars on our to-do lists and having fun during our last year together. The first issue of the Exponent, UW-Platteville’s student run newspaper in which I am the Student Life Editor, has been published and distributed. Our articles should be up soon!

These are my first designed pages as Student Life Editor for the Fall 2012 semester at UW-P!

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