Moving Up and On from College


Graduation Day on May 5, 2013
My hokey but wonderful boyfriend and I graduated with Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies, respectively.

 After four years of hard work at UW-Platteville, I have finally finished. I am very proud of my accomplishments in class, on the newspaper staff, at work and in life. There are so many memories and friends I will cherish forever. I can’t believe in my last year, I found the man of my dreams, was the Editor in Chief of the Exponent, became a radio personality, wrote a 42 page research paper about politics communication, learned about ceramics, read Moby Dick and traveled to Arizona!

 My love of agriculture and writing have not diminished. I still aspire to become an agricultural journalist, if I am employed or freelancing. I spent the last week on the farm and loved it. I had the chance to drive our John Deere 4440 for a few hours dragging fields. My Dad and I also had a good time planting corn and soybeans. My brother and Mom will be helping him out as much as they can this summer. (I will be home as much as possible!)

 I have taken a job as a marketing representative at Mountain Woods Furniture in Peshtigo, WI. They gave me a desk and my own extension. I love it so far, and it keeps me close to home and Eli. He and I are moving to Green Bay this weekend, and we can’t wait to start our new life together.

 Thank you to everyone who has followed my journey!

– Alyssa B.


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