Breaking (Heart) News


I have a wonderful and lengthy commute to work every day, and it can be a struggle to find something of quality to listen too. My iPod is out-dated in music and I have two cds. I revert to the radio, and it can get old listening to the same songs each and every day.

By chance, I came across a local news, talk and sports show on WTAQ out of Green Bay, WI. I don’t know why, but I love it. I spend my whole morning listening to that news show. The hosts give their audience a good news mix and have some thoughtful and contributing things to say.

Today, however, I was a little disheartened. Not about the show, but what they have to work with to make a show. Each news report was either about murder, burglary, corruption or some other unlikeable part of society that most people find to be sensational. I mean, it was good to know that a man from Green Bay was put in prison for stabbing his girlfriend to death, so now that is one person I don’t have to worry about potentially hurting others. I was also unaware that the Trayvon Martin trial is back in session to determine Martin’s last moments.

My overall point is that there was not a single news story that made me feel good, safe or cared for. There was talk of the Supreme Court’s decision about DOMA, but there was new news about how people dislike the ruling and there are more problems because of the ruling. Oh wait, there was one thing that didn’t seem so awful, the DOW was up 100 points+ today.

I mean, I want to be a journalist, and I want to report the news, bad or good. But is all news supposed to be about the worst parts of society? It seemed like there was no attempt to report on anything good about America. Is this because no one cares about learning the good stuff or because there is so much bad, there is no time for the good?

I don’t have a direct answer to that question. I just wonder about the future of the country and news media.

I love the show the guys at WTAQ put on, keep up the good reporting.

-Alyssa B.

3 thoughts on “Breaking (Heart) News

  1. “News” is often very narrowly and tediously defined — which is why I prefer, even when I worked for three big daily papers, to write features. They were/are never soft, fluffy or puff-pieces, but they did not focus only on mayhem and murder. It offers us a skewed, depressing and inaccurate picture of our world, for sure.

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