Branching Out, to a City and its Art

The empty trolly, but hey, it filled up a bit later!

The empty trolley, but hey, it filled up a bit later!

Since I made the move to Green Bay, I had wanted to find a volunteering opportunity that would be fun and helpful to the community. I emailed the Downtown Green Bay group and they sent me a list of things I could help with. Three months later, I found myself with an open evening and a shy-ness barrier I needed to overcome. I got a quick tutorial of some of the downtown art galleries and their artists, jumped on a trolley and talked to people.

I have yet to make a real friend that lives in Green Bay, so I thought that this would give me a chance to at least say hi to some of the female cheeseheads.

I was only working for an hour, and I talked to about 30 people. It was fun! I even learned that the trolley driver is a historical writer and he finished a 25 year writing project! Let the coolness settle in.

Highlights of the evening: I learned about The Glass Haus, which makes beautiful stained glass and other glass related items. They even had a colored glass cow on the front lawn! Also, The Attic. This place may become my new haven. It offers coffee and tons of books! It also features a gallery for readers and coffee drinkers to enjoy. The Art Garage is another place I will have to revisit, because it is essentially a gathering place for people to create art within a studio who don’t have access to one.

The art tour also stopped at Green Bay East High School to present student work and performances, a handful of photographers and much more! I plan to visit each one in the future.

I also plan to do more volunteering in town, they just expanded the homeless shelter, maybe I will see if they need help! But I fully intend to be a helper with Downtown events, they are fun and educational. Thanks to them for offering me the opportunity.

Thanks for listening!

Alyssa B.

P.S. I also published my first agricultural based professional story today. I’m over the moon excited, even with an early morning correction call! You can check it out here!

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