The Harvest

It’s Autumn! It is really starting to show here in Wisconsin. A few things make it obvious.

1. Pumpkin spice everything. Lattes, coffee, M&Ms, hand soaps, candles and more. All of which have entered our apartment.

2. It’s cooler, causing folks to grab sweaters, scarves and sweatshirts.

3. People are getting colds, including myself.

4. The leaves are turning lovely colors of yellow, red and orange.

5. My favorite, the soy beans are turning yellow and the corn is turning a lovely light brown.

This last one pleases me the most because it means that it is time for the harvest season! I’ve been chatting with my Daddy on the phone a lot these days, mostly from homesickness, but he has reported that the big Johnny tractor and chopper are all ready to destroy the flaky corn right on time. It has grown to over seven feet tall and is just lovely. Soybean harvest is also important, but Dad reports his are still mostly green in the central part of the state. Over here by Lake Michigan, the low parts of the fields are bright yellow and the rest are following in suit. They will be combined very soon!

Wisconsin is beautiful in the fall, and I personally don’t think you can experience it without witnessing a corn harvest. If you don’t have time to venture into the country, I would suggest finding a friendly pumpkin patch to pick out a plump guy to carve up and roast it seeds or take a day and go to an orchard to pick apples and ride a hay wagon.

If that won’t work, watch scary or holiday movies. They can sum up your fall feelings pretty well. Or take a look at this.

Autumn Drive Vid

Much love and Harry Potter with some warm tea!

Alyssa B.


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