I ran across an interesting website while surfing Facebook yesterday, and I’ve come up with a journo related project for myself.

Journalism Degrees and Programs is a fun blog for all of the student, freelancing, blogging and professional journalists in the world. I was amazed that they were able to put together an amazing resource of 105 journalistic resources called General New Media Journalism. I think my college newspaper adviser would have a heart attack if he saw all of this.

For me, I want to continue to develop my work and myself as a journalist, so I will be using each of these 105 resources while working. I want to utilize each one and then blog about my experience, or lack there of. I’m calling it “Project Journo Resource.” Holla!

I am using the one at the top of the page first, 10,000 Words, which is a variety of articles that covers everything talking about how journalism and technology meet. I had to peruse the articles on the site to find one that would fit well with a story I just started, but I found a good one about utilizing social media. 

Once the story is complete and I did the tasks associated, I will tell you all about it! (Hint: My secretiveness is all part of it!)

And no worries, I will be throwing stuff in about the cows, just in addition to this!

Fearfully entering a huge self-inflicted project,

Alyssa B.

Also, I give full credit to this Facebook page for alerting me of the site. Stuff Journalists Like has been a savior for the last few months! Thanks guys, love what you do!


Project enthusiasm!

Project enthusiasm!

2 thoughts on “#PartyLikeAJournalist

  1. Very cool, Bloechls! Love that you’re challenging yourself to keep your skills sharp and up to date! Also love your ambition to go above and beyond. Take a break and craft something! 😉

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