1 project down, 104 to go.

The story: concern over groundwater contamination in areas of low soil and karst aquifer. You wanna know what it all means, read it. Here.

Well, there it is, that little update in the middle. One like, over 500 views. Twitter,  you ask? Well the same tweet, got two retweets! These are good things, especially for the Kewaunee County Star-News… a little community paper in Middle Earth Wisconsin.


This is all for my first Project Journo Resource blog, I used the website 10,000  Words, a place where journos can read about how technology and journalism mesh.

One of its articles, Teaser Tweets: Treat Them Like the Lede, appealed to me, because I am in charge of my paper’s social media outlets. I have pretty much been looking into how to get more interaction, likes, follows or whatever, for free.

I am happy with that one like, two retweets and so forth. That update, shown above, is the last of three tweets (shown here on FB, crafted via Hootsuite), trying to bring in readers or a least a smidgeon of interest. Seemed to work, but all three of the local high schools are going to football playoffs this week, and people have been retweeting that tweet all afternoon.

What did I learn: Keep on keeping on with the tweets and updates, and tweet popular items.

The tool: 10,000 Words

Use it. It has loads of journo and non-journo ideas and facts. As for my next adventure, look in next week when I post about it, after the story is published!

Much love,

Alyssa B.


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