Curious about News story types, this guy knows it all.

For this week’s Journo Resource Project, I didn’t necessarily focus my attention on an item and my work, but rather exploring how many journalists work.

Number eight on the list is Digidave: Journalism is a process, not a product blog. Author of the blog, David Cohn, has written for Wired, Seed, Columbia Journalism Review and The New York Times among others. Yeah, he’s pretty good.

I read his latest post, about the different archetypes of news stories. He explains classic ones, and more contemporary ones. It is amazing that I can almost think of a story I have written that fits into the 10 “New Tropes” Cohn presents.

Read all about it here.

Looking at what he has to say, I was trying to think of another trope that some stories fit into. I came up with…. Amazing Athletics. I know this could be found in the one about reporting stats, but not really.

I spend a lot of time reporting on high school sports stories, and some of the things these teens accomplish is truly amazing. From throwing seven touchdown passes in a game to averaging a 2+ handicap on a golf course, I have had a chance to see some amazing things.

Some may think that high school is just a way to prep for college and pro sports, but think about it, this is where student athletes sometimes find who they are, what they want to be or even turn a corner in their lives for the better. When students work hard in the gym, on the field or whereever, they work towards personal goals and accomplishments that are overlooked by many.

This week, we received a complaint at the paper, as a normal process, but this one kinda hurt. It extensively explained how we did not do a good enough job covering a specific school sport in the area we cover. That struck me as stange, considering I am in correspondence with all coaches after every game that is played or every race that is run, and there will always be coverage in the paper. I was an athlete in high school, and I know how important it is not to overlook any sporting accomplishment.

I plan to focus on sports as much as one reporter can.

In conclusion, I know that this was jumbled and a mess, but remember the students, journos, athletes or not, that accomplish something important to them. It makes a difference.

Thank you for sticking through that with me. Much love,

Alyssa B.

P.S. Look for me to share a blog of a friend of mine soon, she recently went through a traumatic experience and I think everyone should hear it. As soon as she posts, I’ll share to show my support. Also, expect a farm report later this week!


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