An Apology and 2013 Reflections

Happy 2014 blogesphere!

To start out this happy occasion of another year gone by and a paid vacation, I wanted to hit up the blog. I know I have been long absent, sort of ditched some projects, and haven’t updated on the farm in a while, and for that I am sorry. I could make up excuses that would be understandable such as, “We have been so busy preparing for the holidays,” but really… I have been enjoying not looking at a screen, and I’m lazy.

As for the farm, all is well. The silo unloader and barn cleaner have not frozen up in the frigid below zero Wisconsin weather. The barn is completely full of animals, keeping the barn warm and cozy. Our big brown swiss is still working on pushing out a little baby, hopefully a baby girl. I’ll share pics when it happens! Cas is loving the snow!

2013 was one hell of a fantastic year. I mean, there were struggles, but without them, you are not living.

As for the good stuff, I am still falling madly in love with my boyfriend, Eli, because of his amazing tolerance for me and his striking good looks. I have the most supportive parental duo. Bob and Marsh have not yet failed to show their love and support for my first career choice of journalism, which is very far from farming. As a family that is part of a generational tradition, support when one goes awry, is something to behold. That also includes the love of my mom’s two sisters. Without family, you are nothing.


Nathan, you know I love you, brother. We are the coolest cats around.

I miss college, becuase of my friends. Having them next to me in class, waiting to hand me a beer as soon as I show up at their house, and feelings of pure comradarie, I miss that.

With taking a marketing job straight after graduation, I had the opportunity to befriend Eli’s now sister-in-law, Ashley. Her existence in my life is just fabulous. Her outlook on life and constant positivity is exactly what I need in a friend, and I’m glad to consider her my first post-college friend.

The rest of Eli’s amazing and accepting family has also been something that I cannot believe is real. His mom and dad are truly my parents, but just with different names. It’s uncanny how alike they are. His three brothers, have been nothing but kind and accepting, yet still find ways to poke fun at me. Their wives, INCREDIBLE. They are creative, fun, and all around fabulous individuals, and I am so greatful to call them my friends. And I love all of the children. Jeez, how did they all turn out so dang adorbes?

Work, work, work. I now work. 40+ hours a week. My work is gathering, disecting and writing. I like it. I hate it. I love it.

I have met some intresting, creative, funny, hard-working people. Kewaunee County has a lot of things going on, and I have yet to be done with anything. However, as horrible as a constant working state sounds, there is no greater satisfaction when that paper is published with my words each and every week. Some people appreciate them, some people hate them. The best thing I have learned it to let the bad stuff roll, no point in stressing over one person’s opinion.

Another thing about work, I work with some pretty cool people. Deb and Pam, thank you for watching my back. Warren, the ultimate editor, thank you for being the best supporter, encourager and most intersting person I have ever met. Warren has published books, that are for sale on Amazon… what a bad ass. I’m just starting to read them 🙂 #mykephoenix

Warren also is a testament to living life to the fullest. This guy has accomplished so much, and has so many interesting qualities, I don’t know how I got so lucky for him to want to hire me. Thanks. (And, if you ever read this, I am not sucking up. I seriously feel this way. You became my hero when you handled the Joyces situation.)

And one last thing, my friends. As much as I miss the ones that are closest to me, I know they are not going anywhere. Celebrating New Years is something that should be done with friends, and I did. My night consisted of being with Eli, of course, but we were in the company of a few others including my editor-in-crime, Megan. We are going to do big things yet, O’Con.

But as I was out and about, it just so happened, in some way talked to the other friends that mean the most to me. Alycia, Abi, Nicole, Dylan, you are the best friends I have ever had. I was with them all in spirit, and thinking about the New Years past that I had spent with each of them.

God has given me so much, and my goal for this year is to remember to thank Him for the relationships and happiness I have. There are so many in the world who are in need of something I have, paving the way for another goal, of volunteering.

There is so much about this life that is good. Eli and I are slowly building something great together, wish us luck as twenty-somethings exploring this life.

Thanks for sticking with me, and read more books!


My life, old sport, my life… my life has got to be like this [Raises index finger diagonally upwards] … It’s got to keep going on. -Jay Gatsby

Happy 2014,
Alyssa B.


2 thoughts on “An Apology and 2013 Reflections

  1. Great article. Your new journey is off to many experiences. Continue to be positive and good things will come your way. May both of you have a wonderful New year, filed with great experiences and much love.

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