Community Supported Agriculture

I’ve been geeking out for the last two weeks when I discovered Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Kewaunee County. I got so pumped, I wrote a story about it in the Star-News.

It is a way to bring locally produced, fresh and home-loved fruits, vegetables, chicken, eggs and more to your table. From being literally cooped up in an apartment since last June, I learned that your own garden space is hard to come by. We moved in too late to do a community garden, and our urban garden was a major fail.

CSA, however, takes local farmer’s produce and puts it on your table. You pay for 16-18 weeks of fresh food upfront and each week you pick up your bag of food. If you are lucky, your farmer will add recipes and tips for processing the food so none goes to waste. But, if not, a quick search will give you the info you need.

Eli and I are considering getting into partnership with one of the Kewaunee Co. farmers. All of them are non-certified organic farmers. No certification because they would rather teach their members about where and how the food is grown rather than spend a lot of money on the government certification process.

Here are the three I wrote about: Sleep Hollow Farm, Lotto’s Lazy Acres and Clario Farms.

I think this is awesome and the point of the article was to get the word out about this type of farming, because it is not very well known in the area. Let me know your CSA experiences, I know it is very popular in the Madison area.

Oh, and if you want to read it, here! CSA in Kewaunee County

Thanks for reading,

Alyssa B.

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