Barn Quilting

Over the Easter holiday, I wanted to take the opportunity of surprising my parents with their 25th anniversary present. I have been plotting this gift for this monumental milestone for over a year.

So a bit of background. Wisconsin 29 between Green Bay and Wittenberg has quite a few gems that deserve recognition, they litter the highway with rustic color and design. Barn quilts are the emerging farm identifiers that now adorn many barns in the area.

I may not be entirely sure if this string of quilts is part of a program or if there are a lot if loving people who care about the farmers, but they sparked inspiration into me.

With the help if Pinterest and a handy boyfriend, I was able to create Bob and Marsh their very own barn quilt.

It took a few days of priming, taping and painting, but with some patience and ease of hand, I created this…


It is going to take some time for Papa to get it up, but I supplied the 2x4s needed to make a frame and coated the wood in a weather proof coat, so once he has a minute in between planting and cutting hay (hah!) it can go right on up.

I know Mom was very excited about it and Dad kept his emotions to himself, but I was hoping it could be something for them to remember the last 25 years farming together. I hope they remember why the industry is so important, but to also recognize they have a lot of accomplishments to be proud of.

Happy 25th Mom and Dad, you are the most supportive, encouraging and loving parentals Nathan and I could ask for.

If you aren’t near northeasten WI, Google search “Shawano County Barn Quilts” for a peak into what I’m talking about. Also, barn quilts are made of wood, not cloth, if you didn’t get that.

-Alyssa B.

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