Music and Alzheimer’s

Hi everyone! Today is a good day.

I just stumbled upon what looks like will be an amazing movie, called “Alive Inside.”

It follows the nonprofit organization, Music and Memory, which brings music to patients with Alzheimer’s. Music has been proven to awaken the minds and bodies of those with memory loss, which brings them out of their increasingly internalized lives.

Wisconsin nursing homes and assisted living facilities have been utilizing Music and Memory, and I actually had the wonderful opportunity to write a story about it when I worked with the Kewaunee County Star-News.

When I chronicled the program at an Algoma, WI assisted living home, the story reached beyond the city and into my personal life. My parents subscribe to my publications (aren’t they lovely souls?) and my Mom took the article to someone at my Grandmother’s assisted living home.

My lovely and wonderful Grandma Bev is living her life with the early stages of dementia, and my Mom is very involved in helping her though this new stage. Grandma Bev is a music lover. She has two children who became musicians, in some form, and has incorporated music into her past and present life. Bev tends to break out in song at random moments, pretty much whenever she is feeling a beat.

Point of this narration is that after my Mom took the story to her Mom’s caregivers, they began implementing the Music and Memory program into their activities. The center also used a portion of the annual Dementia Walk to fund it.

When I learned about all of this, I couldn’t have been more proud of my Mom and what we did together to create change in the life of someone we both look up to.

Thanks for reading my little self promotion.

-Alyssa B.

Here is the link to the story I wrote:

And here is the trailer for Alive Inside: 

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