Working journalist in China

Hi all,

There is so much going on in my little world of writing in Door County Wisconsin, but I recently had the opportunity to make that world grow. I traveled to China with a group of lovely individuals to expand and improve relations with the county’s Sister City, Jingdezhen.

So much happened. We met the vice mayor, we toured a hospital, we made our own pots and explored the outlying area of the city. I won’t waste up the space on this blog because I journaled for work throughout the entire trip!

Don’t get me wrong, there were many things that nearly prevented me from going. Exhibit A: My journalist visa. It’s a very long and detailed process when applying for a visa, but journalist visas take the cake. China also has foreign reporter rules I needed to brush up on. While there, however, the process of getting my work done was just about the same as in America.

The people in China are amazing. Many know English, so if you are alone and lost in the middle of Beijing, someone will help you with a smile. Also, if you are tall and foreign, expect random people to ask to take a photo with you. It happened to me three times at the Great Wall alone. I went with it and that made it fun.

If you do see yourself going to China, make sure to purchase a voltage step-down converter. I did, and I had cell and tablet power with no problems all week. Do not use a hair straightener with it, I thought I fried it on day two. I got lucky.

There is so much to talk about, but I’ll let myself tell you the story in my article for the Advocate! If you want to see photos and learn some interesting details about overseas travel, take a look and thank you for reading!

Alyssa’s China Journal for the Door County Advocate

I also wrote a few formal article that appeared in print and online. If you want to learn more about how Door County and Jingdezhen are sharing ideas, resources and culture, please feel free to follow the links.

Before Take Off!

Governmental Relations

Taoxichuan and the Number 1 People’s Hospital 

China Mission Accomplished

This place was so colorful and full of life, that I could have stayed and wandered forever. It was my favorite place in Beijing. (Photo by Alyssa Bloechl)

This place was so colorful and full of life, that I could have stayed and wandered forever. It was my favorite place in Beijing. (Photo by Alyssa Bloechl)

Thanks so much for following this adventure with me! I can’t believe I got to travel and write about something very important to these two communities. Thanks to my editor, president and publisher, the Sister City Ad Hoc committee and everyone in between for helping make it happen.

I cannot wait to see what happens next!

-Alyssa B.

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