Books I’ve Recently Read, Not on My TBR

The title of this should more accurately describe my reading habits. It should be “Books I’ve Recently Listened To.” I have a long work commute, so I take the wonderful liberty of chopping down my “To Be Read” list by using my free library card to get wicked cool audio books.

For reals, sometimes I wander off my ever-growing TBR and take books off of the shelf recommended by the awesome librarians.

Credit: Goodreads

Credit: Goodreads

  1. American Dervish: Ayad Akhtar
  • I just finished listening to American Dervish by Ayad Akhtar, and it was something totally unexpected. It’s about a young Pakistani American, his family, his friends and his Muslim religious roots. I confess I knew very little about Pakistan, Muslims and the Koran, but this book takes you into a world surrounded by it. The book is fictional, but the emotions and family life described by Akhtar made me thinking about getting in the car when I didn’t need to drive anywhere. It also made me really look at how my family is important to me, and how I would do anything for them.
Credit: Goodreads

Credit: Goodreads

2. The Wold is Bigger Now: An American Journalist’s Release from Captivity in North Korea… A Remarkable Story of Faith, Family and Foregiveness: Euna Lee, Lisa Dickey

  • This was a book I listened to at the end of September. I had not read a book about a journalist until this point, and I think I might have picked the most intense one in the genre. Euna Lee got into the darkest parts of her time in North Korea while juxtaposing her Christian roots and faith in God while she was waiting for rescue. I didn’t know much about this very true story until I listened to this book, and I’m glad she wrote it to share her story. She did what any journalist would do. The story is about strength, love of family, resilience, faith and the goodness in others, even one’s enemy. Read it.
Credit: Goodreads

Credit: Goodreads

3. Saint Anything: Sarah Dessen

  • HOLY COW! This book made me salivate. I read it because it was on the shelf, but it was also necessary because I had recently read another Sarah Dessen and I wanted more. The story was awesome, and was definitely a different look at how families deal with one of their own making a mistake. I would have never thought about the guilt that comes with scenarios like the one Dessen describes. Also, I constantly wanted french fries and pizza because of this book. Find out why and read this one too.
Credit: Goodreads

Credit: Goodreads

4. The Look of Love: Sarah Jio

Seriously, I love reading in all it’s forms, and I thank the genius who thought of audio books. They make long commutes so much more exciting and interesting.

Have you read any of these books? Do you have any recommendations for me?

Thanks friends,

Alyssa B.


2 thoughts on “Books I’ve Recently Read, Not on My TBR

  1. I read Saint Anything when we were up north camping this summer and DEMANDED that we stop for pizza on the way home. It was a necessity. And I agree, audio books are a life saver! I’m finishing up ‘Who Do You Love: Jennifer Weiner’…check it out!

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